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.census-table-section-header { margin-bottom: -2px !important; Some believe there are better options, and the City of Oklahoma City has considered having its fire department provide ambulance services. Profession/background: Sherrill serves on the Putnam City Schools Board of Education, and he works on the national leadership team for Quest Diagnostics. display: inline-block; @media screen and (max-width: 350px) { Owen said he feels the city has more pressing needs it should be spending tax dollars on. } I am committed to supporting firefighters and law enforcement and improvingcommunity policing with partnerships and tools to assist them in their work to protect all law-abiding Oklahomans. While most mayoral elections in the 100 largest cities are nonpartisan, most officeholders are affiliated with a political party. State executives | Taking personal agendas out of decision making and LISTEN to the people that voted you in to office. Edmonds police department has been the subject of a lengthy investigation into allegations of sexism, racism, and workplace bullying against an EPD deputy chief. Ward 1 covers much of western Oklahoma City, including the area from Lake Overholser to the south and stretching up to Piedmont. Candidates are asked three required questions for this survey, but they may answer additional optional questions as well. background-color: green; Service 18yrs, President 5yrs Enid Noon AMBUCS Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Current President Now more than 20 years later, the Carters are in their eleventh year as residents of Ward 1, operating a flourishing coffee business, and still serving the community. A general election was necessary because no candidate received a majority of the primary election vote. Decisions to start a business, positive growth trajectories, and even just survival depend on operators and investors knowing what to expect in order to move forward such as tax structures,regulations and municipal policies. padding-bottom: 7px; Phone: 405-297-2391. That part of Oklahoma City limits stretches all the way into Canadian County south of Piedmont and north of Yukon. Platform: Among Varnells top priorities would be ensuring the citys police and fire departments have the funding they need. .widget-value { We share a facility with OSU-OKC, Greiner explained. letter-spacing: .04em; } I probably wouldn't have even run for this office but I am confident that my skill-set is what makes me the best candidate for this position. display: table; margin-bottom: 0; In Ward 7, Councilwoman Nikki Nice is running unopposed for re-election. Runoff elections are scheduled for Ward 1 and Ward 3 on April 6. Click here for a list of the 100 largest cities' mayors and their partisan affiliations. In wards where a candidate fails to receive over 50 percent of . .election_results_text { .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { !function(){"use strict";window.addEventListener("message",(function(e){if(void 0!==e.data["datawrapper-height"]){var t=document.querySelectorAll("iframe");for(var a in e.data["datawrapper-height"])for(var r=0;r} What areas of public policy are you personally passionate about? Video of Tuesday nights debate is embedded below. Shay Varnell is a candidate for the Ward 1 OKC City Council seat runoff election April 6, 2021. Fleming will fight against unnecessary taxes while also working to improve road and bridge conditions throughout the city, according to his website. background-color: red; 2023 Oklahoma City elections. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { line-height: 1.5em; Oklahoma City Council Ward 5. All rights reserved. } The 2022 point-in-time count of Oklahoma City's homeless population was 1,339, a decrease from the 2020 count of 1,573. WARD 1. I currently serve on the OKC Traffic & Transportation Commission. float: right; If no candidate receives a majority of the vote in the primary, the top two candidates will move on to an April runoff. } School districts | Federal courts | Edmond selects Mayor, Ward 1 & 2 council seats Your Local Election HQ / 4 weeks ago. } Click here to read the survey answers. Ive seen the presentation that calls for its conservation use, and I support that, he said. The Oklahoma City Council is the unicameral legislative body of the City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. State legislature | letter-spacing: 0.03em; *Incumbent 100% of precincts reporting Oklahoma City Council -- Ward 5 In a race with no incumbent, Matt Hinkle and Thuan Nguyen will face each other in a runoff April 4. "There are lots of applications that come in front of the planning commission for people maximizing their space and turning their garages into apartments to rent, and I've never been against that.". It is responsible for approving and adopting the city budget, levying taxes, and making or amending city laws, policies, and ordinances. background-color: #003388; a[aria-expanded=true] .fa-chevron-right { display: none; } The election is Feb. 14. Oklahoma City has a Republican mayor. But Im all for all the above options when it comes to housing in Edmond.. After graduating from Bethany High School, he followed in the footsteps of his father, uncle and grandfather and entered the service, joining the U.S. Army. font-weight: bold; One injured in hit and run 9 hours ago. border-radius: 50%; width: 250px; position: absolute; Responsive Leadership Leads to Flourishing Communities. div.survey-scrollbox { height:400px; overflow:scroll; margin:20px; padding:10px; border:1px solid gray; } | CITY OF ADA: PROPOSITION: Return to top. Greiner left office on April 13, 2021. If you believe it's time to Open the Doors of Opportunity Again in Oklahoma City, then take the first steps now to make sure your freedoms are protected. top: -5px; In keeping with the family mission to change lives in Oklahoma City, Bradley continues to serve on the boards of various ministries working in partnerships to support local charities. City of Oklahoma City's Website. .census-table-census-item { Gordon sees the 2017 General Obligation Bond issue, which city staff indicates will be listed on the September ballot, as crucial for improving poor streets. Those allegations were made by a now-former department employee, and the City of Edmond hired an attorney with the firm Phillips Murrah to conduct an investigation. He has also worked in the construction business and started Healthy Living and Fitness, Inc., a non-profit that serves one of the citys MAPS 3-funded senior wellness centers. font-style: italic; One injured in hit and run 8 hours ago. Vote for Bradley Carter on April 6! display: inline; text-align: left !important; padding-bottom: 0px; 918-857-2530. lamart@pryorcreek.org. }) font-size: 2em; As your voice on the City Council for Ward 1, Bradley will utilize his years of business experience, ministry outreach and wisdom gleaned from interacting with and serving neighbors in need to create a stronger future with opportunities for all. .widget-key { }) } Profession/background: Dankwa is an attorney working as a regulatory officer for Citibank. } padding-left: 10px; [12] Ed Shadid won the runoff election for Ward 2. clear: both; } I would make it one of the biggest priorities that I have the second that I come in. Candidates were specifically concerned about its share of MAPS 4. color: black; width: 50%; As more families decide to come home to OKC, priorities of improving streets and lighting, safe communities, strong schools, access to quality health care, parks, recreational and cultural opportunities are even more important to consider as we work together to make the 405 the best place to live our lives, raise our families, and grow our businesses. Edmond selects Mayor, Ward 1 & 2 council seats Your Local Election HQ / 4 weeks ago. [20] According to Erika Stanish with KOKH-TV, national guard members had been present in Oklahoma City on the night of the 31st. } complete the Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey. Candidates were asked about the troubled Oklahoma County Jail and whether the City of Edmond should continue to send people arrested by EPD there. Three-term Ward 8 incumbent Patrick J. Ryan announced his intentions to retire from the council in January 2014.

, The city's budget process operates on a fiscal year cycle from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. } p.survey-response {margin-left:10px;} What are the main points you want voters to remember about your goals for your time in office? Each ward had two council members, one serving for one year and the other for two years. Oklahoma village became the county seat of County Two (present-day Oklahoma County) at the passage of the Oklahoma Organic Act on May 2, 1890. She previously worked as an engineering technician from November 2014 to December 2018. Bradley also said the city needs a variety of housing. Tom Robins, 42, is the founder and president of Solid Foundation Consulting andOklahoma Innovation and Technology. Ward 1 includes the west and parts of northwest Oklahoma City, surrounding Warr Acres and Bethany. "I couldn't get (home) from the bus stop, I had to walk three miles from my house.". 17 talking about this. color: white; Airports; Animal Welfare; City Auditor; City Clerk; . Monday, May 01, 2023. We drove by a home with a mother and daughter out front. Check here and meet your city council candidates, a recording of the debate on the NonDoc website, Check OKC ward map, where to vote and more, MAPS 4 is funding a bus rapid transit route for south Oklahoma City, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Concerns about blight in neighborhoods and an uptick in crime remain top issues for Greiners reelection campaign. Although the council is nonpartisan, six of the nine members are associated with the Republican Party. Oklahoma City was founded on April 22, 1889 as the Village of Oklahoma. }

"I've had to ride the bus once because my car broke down," Nguyen said. Events in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, began on Saturday, May 30, 2020, on the corner of NW 23rd St. and Classen Ave.[18] On May 31, Mayor David Holt (R) declared a state of emergency and issued a curfew. float: left; General election for Oklahoma City Council Ward 1 Bradley Carter defeated Shay Varnell in the general election for Oklahoma City Council Ward 1 on April 6, 2021. Get Around OKC OKC Streetcar Spokies Bike Share EMBARK Parking Holiday Trash and Recycling Schedule Household Hazardous Waste Collection Center MAPS 3 MAPS 4 Municipal Court Maps & Data Pay or Lookup a Ticket Pay Your Water Bill Permits Police Briefing Stations Police Records & Accident Reports Prepare OKC Know What To Do Counties | font-weight: bold; } All the following information has been collected from publicly available sources. } width: 150px; The mayor and council appoint a city manager to serve as the chief administrative officer and oversee the city's day-to-day operations. So it was very important to me it still is, and I am really excited that it is going into a conservation easement. } Although their business was considered "essential" during the spring 2020 shutdown, many of their customers were not. } Both candidates said they support the creation of an Edmond homeless shelter, said the Edmond Police Department should release details about an internal investigation and said the city should consider other options for housing arrestees until a new Oklahoma County Jail is built. Click on the links below to learn more about the city's Oklahoma City utilizes a council-manager system. text-align: center; Ballot measures, Who represents me? The city's population was 681,054 as of 2020, according to the United States Census Bureau. Oklahoma City added 101,055 people since 2010, according to the 2020 census. .expand-all:hover, .collapse-all:hover {cursor: pointer; text-decoration: underline;} 1 problem constituents brought up is Oklahoma City's homeless population. Both Bradley and Robins said they believe at least an executive summary of the report should be made public. .widget-row.Democratic { As such, the revenue and expenses listed may differ from the actual city budget. padding-top: 3px; Such laws may be enacted at the state, county, or city level. .widget-row.Republican { Randy Chitwood (from campaign website) In the final quarter, Varnell received a total of $2,435 from 11 individual donors and reported a loan of $2,600 . "We've got roads in far south Oklahoma City that are dangerous to the neighbors that try to navigate them, that are major connecting roads," Hinkle said. U.S. President | Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma County. You also can find a recording of the debate on the NonDoc website. OKLAHOMA CITY In one of the tightest races of the night, Bradley Carter will head for the Oklahoma City Council to represent Ward 3 following his victory in Tuesday night's runoff election.Carter ended the race with 54 percent of the vote while his opponent, Shay Varnell followed up closely with 46 percent with all precincts reporting, according to the unofficial results from the . Vote for Bradley Carter, a supporter of business, a defender of the Constitution, a protector of gun rights, an advocate for freedom,a champion for funding police andfirst responders. The jail has seen 37 deaths in the last two years and was recently the subject of a grand jury investigation. Any edits made by Ballotpedia will be clearly marked with [brackets] for the public. font-weight: 300; margin-right: 10px; What kind of skills or expertise do you believe would be the most helpful for the holders of this office to possess? } The tables below show estimated finances within city limits. overflow-x: auto; Platform: Some of Debolts platform issues are not under the OKC City Councils purview, including health care for veterans, public education and the Second Amendment. width: 100%; However, no summary of the matter has been provided to the public, and the City of Edmond denied NonDocs request to view the report. She says MAPS 4 is a good start, but believes greater investment in mental health, preventing homelessness and criminal justice reform are also necessary. Bradleys business experience in growing a coffee supply company from the ground up, working in the insurance industry and in a wide network of partnerships with local businesses, restaurants and non-profits across the metro area has provided him with an understanding of regulatory and policy issues. Varnell completed Ballotpedia's Candidate Connection survey in 2021. I want them to know that we all are in it together and we have to come up with a solution together.. I dont know exactly what that plan looks like, but I plan to be open and receptive to what He has in store for me.. But I believe that just shows us that when Edmond voters are given a clear choice to be able to vote in favor of something that they support (they will). PONTOTOC. Sherrill is in favor of increasing entrepreneurship to reduce the citys reliance on the oil and gas industry, according to his website. A summary report would be helpful, he said. Two daughters that attend Bethany Public Schools, I currently serve as the OKC, Ward 1 Traffic & Transportation Commissioner. This experience has given me an inside view of how the City really operates. } .survey-result {padding:10px;} Decreasing homelessness requires collaboration with the police department to provide intervention and get people the help they need to get out of addiction. There were no incumbents in this race. .external_links_table { width: auto !important; } 200 N Walker Ave., Third Floor Shay Varnell ran for election to the Oklahoma City Council to represent Ward 1. She also held several different positions at HighMount Exploration and Production, according to herLinkedIn. Do you want a spreadsheet of this type of data? background-color: #334aab; if (typeof $ != 'undefined') { } width: 100% !important; .widget-row.heading { I want to see how much they will be. YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON YOUR VOICEBEING HEARD ON OKLAHOMA CITY COUNCIL. Public policy. Carter also believes the city needs to proactively look for and attract new industries. Owen said he'd like to see an equal amount of MAPS money allocated to each ward, and let voters decide where their money goes. Kevin Stitt (R) activated the Oklahoma National Guard. A primary was scheduled for February 9, 2021. } David Greenwell, Meg Salyer and Patrick J. Ryan won 50 percent or more of the primary vote in their respective wards to win election in Wards 5, 6, and 8, respectively. width: 350px; Oklahomans are known for their resilience, ingenuity and creativity character traits that have helped the Carters grow their business and their community. } But no, I am not in any way, shape or form happy with the number of deaths, injuries, the lack of staff or lack of safety for anyone involved.. The truth is, with a $408,000 median price to buy a home here in Edmond, thats great for some of our top earners and some of the people in our city, but its not meeting the needs of our public servants of our first responders and our educators, he said. This week, she presented her homework to the council. "There's other things that are higher priority," Owen said. } height: 100%; Greiner won in the primary on February 14, 2017. Be sure to get your question in by 9 pm every Sunday to have your question be among those selected to answer in a video posted each Tuesday! He has also been endorsed by former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, according to his website. WARD 2. So when I met with the REALTORS Association I received their endorsement I said, one of the top priorities I have is to look at all types of housing. .widget-row.value-only.white { Youth Council; OKC Ward Redistricting; Departments. Oklahoma City will soon shift its ward boundaries to adjust for a boost in population as the city council considers approval of a new map after receiving public input. Authorized & Paid for by Carter for City Council 2021. margin-bottom: 0px; vertical-align: middle; } The budget is then adopted in June by the city council. 918-720-6274. smiths@pryorcreek.org. @media (max-width:600px) { Born and Raised in Oklahoma City, OK He also wants to further develop the overall appearance of the citys public, commercial, and residential areas. (function() { U.S. President | The city manager is responsible for proposing the budget. The debate over whether to leave the land to nature or allow it to be developed became hotly contested ahead of the city-wide vote that settled the issue. Use the form below and send us your questions. I will devote as much time as needed to make sure the citizens of OKC are a priority in City Council issues. .percentage_number { $('.pastResponses').hide(); Job Growth, Work with business to bring quality jobs to OKC. display: block; .widget-row.Green { If the candidate disagrees with an edit, he or she may request the full removal of the survey response from Ballotpedia.org. Officials say the Edmond City Council is comprised of five members: the Mayor and a member from each of the four Wards who serve part-time at the head of Edmond's Council-Manager form of . text-align: center; $('#candidate-connection-twitter-96341').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-twitter'); }); Only individuals residing in Wards 1 and 5 are eligible to run or . The filing deadline for this election was December 8, 2021. margin-right: 12px; display: inline-block; This is super important to me, she said. [2] [3] [4] Campaign themes 2023 overflow: hidden; Part of that plan includes higher-density housing, which has been a controversial topic in the city for years. How can we justify paying for that with all the social issues that we have going on? At that time, a total of 71 of America's largest 100 cities prohibited private employers from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, while 69 of those cities also prohibited discrimination based on gender identity. padding-left: 0.25em; width: 100%; .infobox p { } } Platform: Fleming said among his biggest priorities is raising awareness among citizens by working as an intermediary between the people and the council. Platform: Among Scotts biggest priorities would be to improve public transportation throughout the city, with particular focus on the bus system. Dankwa supports continued efforts at making Oklahoma City more walkable, which he has said will make residents healthier. left: 0px; Ward 1 - Austin Ball Councilmember Austin Ball was born and raised in Western Oklahoma and moved to Norman in 2003 to attend the University of Oklahoma after serving 4 years of enlisted service in the United States Marine Corps. .inner_percentage.Democratic { .race_footer { Elections in 2023 | DONATE Kevin Stitt offers opposite rhetoric on homelessness, Edmond PD employee arrested for soliciting sexual conduct with teenager, Seeking vote on Edmond city projects, Brian Shellem files 3 referendum petitions, Local medical marijuana sales tax directed to health and well-being of Edmondites, Angry over education and tax policy, Stitt vetoes 20 unrelated Senate bills, After moving education package alternative, Senate rejects two Stitt Cabinet nominees, Of children and donuts: House sends Stitt proposal to Senate where it isnt going to pass, Ryan Walters announces teacher pay recruitment incentives, merit bonuses. Ballot measures, Who represents me?
   .contact_entity {font-size: 1.5em ;margin-top: 0.6em; margin-bottom: 0em;margin-right: 0.5em;}        border: 1px solid black !important; 		padding-left: 16px; Following a vote of the people in 2021, the city purchased land next to E.C. General election for Oklahoma City Council Ward 1 Bradley Carter defeated Shay Varnell in the general election for Oklahoma City Council Ward 1 on April 6, 2021. Bradley related her own experience with someone she knew who died as a result of what she believes was a slower-than-necessary response time from EMSA. How to vote | Oklahoma City Ward 1 Councilman James Greiners decision not to run for another term has created plenty of interest from prospective candidates.  	.votebox-scroll-container { Items to be addressed at the meeting: Strong Infrastructure/Core Service Prioritization/Services.  }) James Greiner and John A. Pettis, Jr. won contested races for seats in Wards 1 and 7, respectively. Beasley said the owners of the Thunder should have enough money to build the arena without help from the city. }  		top: 0px; 
   .placeholder {} 		margin: 0; 		position: relative; 		padding-left: 0; Oklahoma County Election Board , 4201 N Lincoln Blvd., (405) 713-1515 Cleveland County Election Board , 641 E Robinson Street (Suite 200) in Norman, (405) 366-0210 Canadian County Election Board , 200 S Bickford Ave. in El Reno, (405) 422-2422 Regular voting is 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. April 6 at your usual polling location. 

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